How can PES help me save energy?
The most widely used lighting for general illumination in commercial and industrial buildings today is energy efficient T8 systems (fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts). While additional savings up to 12% are possible with today’s high performance or Super T8 lamp and ballast systems, simply turning off the lights when they are not needed often delivers additional savings that were overlooked during the lighting upgrade or initial construction. The most reliable and consistent way to assure this is through widespread use of an occupancy sensor system that is chosen for each specific room type and application.
How much can I expect to save?
The amount of lighting energy saved varies by building type, but typically savings fall between 30% to 40% in a private office, 40% to 60% in a restroom, 20% to 30% in large open areas and hallways, and as much as 50% to 70% in closets, storage rooms and other less populated areas.
How do you know the lights won’t go out on me?
Years of experience with occupancy sensor installations across the country have lead to a very high level of expertise in sensor selection, design and installation. Practical Energy Solutions uses the best occupancy sensor technology on the market and ensures that the system will operate as intended… we guarantee it!
How long will the occupancy sensors last?
The manufacturing process in use today produces highly reliable products that will last a very long time. As with other electronics, any failures usually occur in the first few months and are typically replaced under warranty. When installed and maintained properly, quality occupancy sensors should operate as intended for 15 years or more.
What else can PES do for me?
Practical Energy Solutions will also identify any cost effective lighting improvements resulting from technology enhancements as well as opportunities for basic HVAC improvements.
Who installs the occupancy sensors and what are the warrantees?
Practical Energy Solutions uses factory trained, licensed electricians. The labor and material are guaranteed for 1 year from the time of installation. In addition, any necessary adjustments to improve the system performance are provided at no cost during the first year. The material is warranteed by the manufacturer for a total of 5 years (an additional 4 years after the Practical Energy Solutions warranty expires).
Are there any funds available that might help me fund a project?
Possibly… many electric utilities offer incentive programs that can pay between 10 to 50% of the cost of the project. Practical Energy Solutions will ensure that you get every possible incentive dollar that is available.
How long will it take to get a proposal?
Depending upon the scope of the project (lighting controls, lighting, HVAC), a basic proposal should be available within 3 weeks. A more detailed proposal may take 6 to 8 weeks.
For additional information please contact our Corporate Headquarters.