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Practical Energy Solutions (PES) is a comprehensive engineering, design and installation firm specializing in lighting control and lighting projects that provide sustainable energy savings. Founded at the turn of this century, our company is the preferred sensor and lighting partner to the nations’ major Energy Services Companies. With staff nationwide, we are able to service customers throughout the country. Fully licensed, bondable and insured, PES is committed to providing the best financial return for your project, while guaranteeing outstanding customer satisfaction.

How We Can Help

As an Application Specialist, PES focuses on developing and implementing cost-effective solutions for energy conservation projects. By combining both lighting upgrades and sensor controls, we create innovative designs custom to the clients’ needs that save energy and deliver a strong return on investment. After a review of the project’s requirements, our staff performs an in-depth analysis of the property, using advanced monitoring techniques. Detailed efficiency reports, developed by PES professionals, proposes design an energy solution unique to each project. Using our knowledgeable installers, we are able to execute the design in the field, ensuring that the proper equipment is applied.

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